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    Equipments for the 
    glass industry

    • Innovation and Technology;
    • Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Installation;
    • Glass Container, Tableware and Flat Glass.

    With equipment supplied to over 60 countries

    Glass Container, Tableware and Flat Glass


    We are engaged in the development of individually

    tailor-made high performance machines


    Over 1000 machines supplied to the

    glass industry


    Engineering in glass

    since 1984


    We exist for 31 years and

    we are in the market for the present and the future


    Innovation and Technology


    Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Installation


    The most advanced solutions in

    thermal equipments for the glass industry


Equipment for Hollow Glass - Containers

Excellent performances and results on glass annealing lehrs. You can find our lehrs in operation at internationally renowned glass producers.


Equipment for Decorating Glass

Excellent performances and results on lead enamels or decalcomania annealing for the decorating lehrs. Decorating lehrs have facilities to allow…


Equipment for Tableware & Stemware

We are world number one manufacturer. You can find our lines in operation at internationally renowned glass producers. The toughening line with a flat…


Equipment for Flat glass

Annealing ornament wired and U-profiled glass.
Lehr composition is personalized – adapted to each customer’s specifications.


Equipment for Technical-glass

The chemical process is based on the so-called ion exchange technique. Different chemical elements possess different ionic radius and therefore…



We sell equipment for glass processing second-hand. We guarantee the highest quality and good performances.


Experts in Glass Treatment

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With equipment supplied to over 60 countries


A project room composed by much valuable experts, working with CAD systems and a certification process according to the ISO 9001:2015 Norms are reasons for a continuous evolution.

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