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Vidromecanica manufactures thermal equipment (for annealing, decorating and tempering) and equipment for coating treatment (hot-end coating and cold-end coating) for the glass industry.

Our technology results from our main technicians’ experience of more than 30 years and from our tight co-operation with many glass factories.

A project room composed by much valuable experts, working with CAD systems.


We are specialized in the thermal treatment of glass and can study any request for any kind of furnace (annealing lehrs, tempering lehrs, soak test furnaces, static furnaces, mould-preheating furnaces, thermal shock furnaces…). 

In close cooperation with our customers, we are engaged in the development of individually tailor-made high-performance machines.

Development, design and manufacture of machinery, development of the control system, control panel construction and software provision are handled by our specialists. 

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Mission & Values


Vidromecanica’s mission is to develop, manufacture and sell equipment for the glass industry, with technology and high quality to contribute to the productivity growth of it’s clients.

We are committed to investigation and development of technical and innovative solutions to simplify the use of equipment, to reduce the energy consumption and to increase it’s lifetime. 

Vidromecanica is a quick-moving, persistent company.

Our main values consist of:

  • Respect between human beings;
  • Openness;
  • Cooperation to achieve common goals.
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A satisfied client corresponds to a faithful client and Vidromecanica is proud of its many clients all over the world.

Vidromecanica provides its clients a complete and integrated service, with a team of professionals, technically prepared and with knowlegde of the glass market, with importance in the following departments able to answer every inquiry of our clients. 

These are the most valuable resources of our company, with groundwork in a filosofy of customization, that puts itself side by side of the client as a privileged partner.

Looking for the services of our company is having the certainty to find the solution you wish for, without surprises or unforseen events, and to implemet an investment with guarantee of quality and seriousness.

  • Project Department;
  • Mechanical Project;
  • Electrical Project;
  • Automation + Programming ;
  • R & D ;
  • Production Plants:

  • Mechanical Manufacturing;
  • Electric Panel Manufacturing;
  • Sub-contracts.

  • Purchase Department;
  • Commercial Department;
  • Quality Department;
  • Financial Department.





Birthday: 35 years.


Finishing of expansion project started in 2016


Launch of the 5º version of the website www.vidromecanica.com.


60 countries in the world with our equipments


Construction of 2 new manufacture facilities.


Creation of its sister company Glassmechanics


Launch of the 4º version of the website www.vidromecanica.com.


We reached 50 countries in the world with our equipment.


Birthday: 25 years.


Introduction of 3D project drawing systems.


Creation of the companies BM2000 and EUROVIMET.


Launch of the first corporate website.


ISO 9001 – certification of the design processes of the machines for the glass industry.


ISO 9002 – certification of the equipment design for the glass industry.


Introduction of project drawings with Autocad systems.


Creation of its sister company GABAME for maintenance services to the glass industry.


Start of world wide exportation.


Foundation of the company. Vidromecanica was created in a highly industrialized zone and with an enormous glass-making tradition. Our technology comes from COBELCOMEX. We were authorized to manufacture machines for them.


Quality Management System


In the late 1990s, VIDROMECANICA established a Quality Management System to control its order fulfilment process: specifying, designing, building, testing, shipping, installing and commissioning.

Suppliers were included in the quality management through detailed technical specifications, goods inwards inspections, and supplier assessments.



We are very pleased with both the equipment and the way in which Vidromecanica’s team has installed it. Thank you.
The pleasure of working with you is mutual. Thank you for your reactivity and your professionalism. We won’t forget you for our future projects.
United KingdomEurope
United Kingdom
Your team has installed the machines according to the state of the art.
I’m very satisfied with the intervention of your team.
BrazilSouth America
We want to inform you about our satisfaction on the installed equipment. Your work has been very good. Also, the tecnicians that were in our facilities have done a very good and intense job, showing interest and professionalism.
Thanks a lot. Long back we have used Vidromecanica’s equipments which are good and efficient.
Me and my colleagues liked to make the start-up with you because of your high discipline and also your friendly approach.
MexicoNorth America
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