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PORTUGAL is one of the world’s oldest countries. It became an independent nation in 1143, and has maintained its independence and national boundaries from the 13th century to this day, except for a brief period under Spanish domination between 1580 and 1640. Portugal became a republic on 5th October 1910 and is an established democracy today.

Portugal’s geographic location at the south western part of Continental Europe assures a quick and easy access to the World.

Over the centuries, Lisbon has witnessed a great deal of change and development although many traces of the city’s rich and troubled past have been retained. In 1994 Lisbon was the European Capital of Culture, and the city was promoted throughout the entire year in a wide variety of events. Art exhibitions, cinema, theatre and musical events all made Lisbon the right place to be, and in fact it still is!


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Nestling close to the Atlantic on Portugal’s rugged west coast, the bright and airy town of Marinha Grande is surrounded by 10,000 metres of pine forest (Pinhal Real) planted by King Dinis I in the 13th century. It is most famous for its glass manufacturing industry, which was first established in the middle of the 18th century.

Here lies Vidromecanica , which has supplied equipments to + 45 countries worldwide. Vidromecanica can provide you low prices with high european manufacturing quality and proven performances.

In our town Marinha Grande we have 4 big plants, 3 are for Containers and 1 is for tableware production .

What to see
  • The Royal Glass Factory (Real Fábrica de Vidros), was started by Englishman John Beare in 1748. William Stephens bought what was then a small factory in 1769 and developed it under the protection of the Marquês de Pombal, who lent him 80,000 cruzados and gave him the right to cut wood in parts of the forest. In 1826, the factory was given to the state and became one of the country’s main producers of fine crystal made in the traditional way.
  • The beach of São Pedro de Moel to the west is one of the most popular holiday resorts in the region

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