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Vidromecanica is responsible for services and equipment for the preparation of the batch and external/internal cullet glass collection system.

  • Efficient batch preparation.
  • Production of accurate, homogeneous batch.
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic operation.
  • Monitoring and recording of all parameters.
  • Easy access and low maintenance.
  • Less material losses and less dusting.
  • Long-term day-to-day operational reliability of the plant.
  • Excellent dosing and weighing accuracy.
  • Advanced control systems.



Dosing and weighing major and minor materials, discharge of scales to the mixer, dosing and weighing cullet, and for the conveying system that transports the batch and cullet to the furnace.

High precision scales are used for the direct weighing of small and micro components for glass batch.

All functions are permanently supervised and run automatically. All operation messages and events are shown on mimic screen and transmitted to the computer.

Besides supplying new plants, VIDROMECANICA also changes and modernizes the existing plants.


VIDROMECANICA projects all the plant and supplies all the necessary drawings for execution in the foreign country.

VIDROMECANICA projects and supplies all critical parts.

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