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Excellent performances and results on lead enamels or decalcomania annealing for the decorating lehrs.

Decorating lehrs have facilities to allow solvent extraction and oxidation for lead free enamels.



Belt width: up to 5.500 mm.

Other services: refurbishment and modification of all types of decorating lehrs.



  • Tunnel in stainless steel according to the high temperatures, with mineral wool insulation.
  • Conveyor belt in heat resistant steel or in stainless steel, according to the articles and temperatures.
  • Efficient air convection inside the tunnel.
  • Heating with gas, electricity, fuel oil or a combination of heating methods if required.
  • Control panel is available with temperature controllers, PLC or with both.
  • Flexibility and quick response to changes in decorating curves.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • High material reliability and low maintenance costs.
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