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Annealing ornament wired and U-profiled glass.

Lehr composition is personalized – adapted to each customer’s specifications.

Project department with 3D-CAD drawings systems.



Application: Width of glass up to 4500 mm and thickness of the glass 2-16 mm.



  • Modular design.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Fully automatic process control – proportional control of heating and cooling.
  • Electrical heaters.
  • Cooling – indirect heat exchangers / direct convection on glass with temperature-controlled hot air / direct convection on glass with air at ambient temperature.
  • Driving mechanism for lehr and lift-out rollers.
  • Drive speed control.
  • Temperature control panel for heating and cooling.
  • Low energy consumption due to the high grade insulation.
  • Highest reliability due to the fully developed technology.
  • Long lifetime due to the stable construction.
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