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Complete Glass Insulators Production Plants including homogenization, tempering and thermal-shock.



  • High efficiency in thermal, mechanical and dimensional tests.
  • Mechanical and thermal shocks highly increased in accordance with International Standard.
  • Several quality control tests for 100% of the produced insulators.
  • Transfer units included.
  • Tempering involves heating the glass to an homogeneous temperature around its softening point, and cooling it down quickly to introduce high compression tensions on the surface.
  • One advantage is that most defects are directly eliminated on line at the tempering zone level (for example, cracks, chords in the glass, non – homogeneity, and so on).
  • Thus, the forming machine operator has the opportunity to intervene quickly and correct any production defects.
  • Guarantees that all the articles at the end of the production are according to IEC demands.
  • In partnership, we perform turn-key plants.
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