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Recycled glass process systems are used for removing harmful contaminants such as dirt, stones, plastics, metal, ceramics and paper from external cullet. Cleaning processes including washing, separation of ferrous, non-ferrous and ceramic particles and colour sorting can be all done with automatic machines. Such equipment guarantees a cullet purity which is not possible using manual methods.

Vidromecanica also supplies semi-automated waste glass recycling plants.

Technological and procedural know-how is applied for the construction of complete turn-key glass processing facilities. The biggest processors of the world rely on the competence of Vidromecanica.

Vidromecanica supplies glass cullet return systems for handling hot cullet and glass gobs, as well as cold cullet. Hot cullet is water cooled on a scraper conveyor equipped with gob mangles if necessary to keep the pieces of reasonable size for automated handling.

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