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We are world number one manufacturer. You can find our lines in operation at internationally renowned glass producers. The toughening line with a flat belt is mainly used for tableware and kitchenware glass shapes, such as dishes, salad bowls and plates.

The belt toughening line is made up of a heating and homogenisation tunnel which is followed by one toughening zone and the ware cooling zones.

This type of line can be heated by gas or electricity.

Belt length and width is determined by production.

These lines can also be provided for decorating production. In this case, as cold ware is charged, a pre-heating zone is required, resulting in increased length.

The line belt is of a special quality steel, to resist to the continuous thermal shock encountered after the belt leaves the heating zones.

The toughening and cooling zones, through which ware passes, are provided with top and bottom blowing pipe sets, which can be adjusted in position and for blowing pressure.

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