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The thermal shock machine is used to determine the resistance of hollow glass containers to sudden changes in temperature less than 100°C:

  • Washing and pasteurization.
  • Packing processes under hot conditions.
  • Transfers from hot to cold environments and vice-versa.
Basically the machine consists of one basket where the containers to be tested are placed in a vertical position and two tanks, one holding hot water and the respective heating element and the other holding cold water.

Both tanks are equipped with a shaker, which ensures that the liquid temperature is maintained to constant values throughout the testing procedure.

Two pumps ensure that the water is maintained at the required temperature, providing hot water circulation and cold water circulation.

Each tank has a fitted thermometer, which enables water temperature to be read with an accuracy of ± 1°C, as well as with a minimum water level probe.

The machine is also provided with an automatic programmer to immerse and transfer the basket for the containers from the hot bath to the cold bath.

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