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The Glass

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Modern glass factories have the capacity to make millions of glass containers per day with different colors, but green, brown and light are the most popular.

Few of us can imagine modern life without glass. It is characteristic of almost every aspect of our lives – in our homes, in our cars and every time we sit down to have a meal or a drink. The glass packaging is used for many products, wines, spirits and beers see glass as well as medicines and cosmetics not to mention the food.

With growing consumer concern for the environment, the glass gave proof of being the ideal material for recycling. Glass recycling is good news for the environment. Prevents glass containers are taken to a landfill and less energy is required to melt the recycled glass than to melt the raw material, then we save energy. The recycling also reduces the need for raw material to be exploited, our saving precious resources.



There are many types of glass with different chemical and physical properties. Each can be done by appropriate adjustment of chemical compounds, although the main glass types are:

  • Commercial or soda-lime glass
  • Lead glass
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Fiberglass


The glass can be treated to meet almost all requirements. For many applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical and electronics industries, optics, construction and lighting industries, glass, or the new family of materials known as glass ceramics, may be the only practical material for the use of the engineer.

Today, recycled coke or waste collection known as glass fragments, are used to make new glass. Use the hull has many environmental benefits, preserve the landscape by reducing the mining industry and, because the hull melts more easily, saves energy and reduces emissions.

It can be almost any proportion hull added to the mixture (known composition) that is provided in the right condition, and green glass made from the composition containing 85% to 90% hull is common.

Although the recycled glass may be provided by many suppliers in the world, it can be used for any glass producer, since the container glass composition is very similar. However, it is important that the tinted glass is not mixed and that the hull is free of impurities, in particular metals and ceramics.

When the glass is made it is heated to around 1600ºC, killing any bacteria.

organic chemicals that may be present in recycled glass are burned. This is the reason why the glass is used for packing high-quality products – because there occurs contamination of the packaging. Glass is elegant, and products packaged by glass jump in sight. With unique shapes, the glass containers are its product identity and character. The glass is recyclable: a glass bottle can be recycled into a new bottle. This is the reason why the glass is a respecter material environment – now and in the future.

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