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Batch Plants

Vidromecanica is responsible for services and equipment for the preparation of the batch and external/internal cullet glass collection system.


Chemical Tempering Tank

The chemical process is based on the so-called ion exchange technique. Different chemical elements possess different ionic radius and therefore…


Cullet Crushers

This equipment is conceived to crush the glass not only in the plants (hot or cold glass), but of the outside as well. It allows a constant…


Flat Glass Annealing Lehrs

Annealing ornament wired and U-profiled glass. Lehr composition is personalized – adapted to each customer’s specifications.


Glass Recycling Plants

Recycled glass process systems are used for removing harmful contaminants such as dirt, stones, plastics, metal, ceramics and paper from external…


Scraper Conveyors

After receiving the rejected hot cullet and gobs in a water bath, this scraper conveyor carries the cooled glass to the stock area.



Our stirrers systems are designed to the dispersal of cat-scratch cord; improvement to chemical or thermal homogeneity and the mixing of colours…

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