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Revamping, refurbishing, and enhancement of all different Lehr models and brands.

As a result of VIDROMECANICA’s know-how in lehrs construction and assembly, the company can offer its customers efficient and competent support in:

  • Lehrs Refurbishing (any model/brand);
  • Lehrs upgrade (on any brand), with the possibility to increase or remove zones;
  • Heating system upgrades;
  • Modifications on the heating system (possibility to change to gas/electric);
  • Lehr remodelling (possibility to change to annealing/decoration);
  • Refurbishing or substitution of the different systems on VIDROMECANICA lehrs or other brands;
  • Rearrangement of lehrs to another lines or premises
  • Possibility to adapt lehrs to existing local legislation.

Decorating Lehr

Excellent performances and results in baking the paint or decals.


Annealing Lehr

Excellent performances and results in the glass annealing.

Annealing Lehrs
Decorating Lehrs
Tempering Lines
Hot and Cold-end Coatings
Cullet Processing
Vidromecanica Engineering
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